Covid-19 Propagation Simulator

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Two important pieces of information:

  1. The ‘sim’ is based on a simplified model. It can produce misleading or wrong results.
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Elapsed time
Days since beginning of the outbreak


People with Covid-19 symptoms


People admitted to hospitals
Bed occupancy rate


People who have recovered from the virus


Number of deaths from Covid-19


Need for hospital beds



Variable Column Comments
Elapsed time (days since beginning of the outbreak) Time -
Covid-19 cases nC (Stock) Symptomatic + asymptomatic cases
Covid-19 cases: additions (new cases per day) jIC (Flow) Symptomatic + asymptomatic cases
Need for hospital beds nH (Stock) -
New hospital beds needed per day jCH (Flow) -
Recovered cases nR (Stock) -
Recovered cases: additions (new cases per day) jR_in (Flow) -
Deaths nD (Stock) -
Deaths: additions (new cases per day) jD_in (Flow) -

Geographic Area

Total number of people living in the geographic area.
Countries around the world are implementing social distancing measures to keep people from mixing, and to reduce this number.


Probability that a person will become infected after exposure to someone with the disease.
Time elapsed between exposure to Covid-19 and when symptoms are first apparent.
Time taken for a full recovery (days after symptoms started).


Mortality Rates

Proportion of people who die from Covid-19 among all symptomatic cases.



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