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TensorFlow.js’ Toxicity Classifier In Action

A demo of TensorFlow.js’ Toxicity Classifier. The Machine Learning model aims at detecting toxic comments posted online, i.e. texts containing insults, threats, attacks, obscenity, etc.

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Insert a Bar Chart in a WordPress Post or Page with a Shortcode

In addition to Pie and Donut plots, iLecture’s gCharts Plugin can also render Bar Charts (both vertical and horizontal) in (individual) WordPress posts and pages.

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Insert a Pie Chart in a WordPress Post or Page with a Shortcode

How to insert a Pie Chart into a WordPress post or page? Well, you can use iLecture’s gCharts Plugin.

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A Falling Confetti Animation (WordPress) Plugin

Congratulate your favourite team for winning the A-League with a falling confetti animation embedded within a WordPress post or page 🙂

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Text Operations (TextOp)

Convert to lower case, upper case and camel case. Remove multiple spaces and line breaks. Extract emails. These are the main functionalities offered by the online tool embedded within this post.

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Bootstrap in WordPress Posts and Pages

January 05, 2020.
WordPress, WordPress Plugins, .

Simple comme bonjour 🙂

Install the Bootstrap Plugin, add an HTML DIV class='ilctr-bootstrap' to your WordPress post or page and then insert, inside, Bootstrap components as shown in the examples below.

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